It’s all around us-at your favorite beach, lake, swimming hole, and those afternoon rain showers. So, if there are constant reminders of water all around us, why do we consistently forget to replenish our own supply?

Water is crucial to our bodies and our nervous system. It plays a role in all of our bodily functions, even down to joint movements. When the body has sufficient amounts of water, it will function more efficiently–making you FEEL better. We need this simple molecule to detox, bring oxygen through the blood, digest foods, lubricate all of our joints, protect the brain and spinal cord, bring nutrients to our cells, sweat, and many others!

Most people coming through my office often think that they are drinking plenty of water. I think most of us (YES, even I am guilty!) forget to increase our water intake when the temperatures outside rise. Higher temperatures cause us to sweat more, releasing water in our bodies faster, thus requiring a little bit more. I usually encourage my patients to up their intake by a bottle or 2 a day when in the hotter months of the year–even more when traveling, exercising, or doing outdoor activities!

Some signs you may be dehydrated: tiredness, general weakness/fatigue, achy joints, stress/moodiness, dry skin or mouth. Even hunger pains can sometimes be mistaken for the body requesting more water! Awareness is key!

You may be surprised at the little changes you notice just by simply increasing your water intake. Remember to balance out dehydrating beverages such as coffee, tea, and sugary drinks with a glass of water to keep your body healthy and happy!


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Dr. Angelique Miller, DC

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